The First of Many

When I first began my college experience last semester, I believed that I was going to just be an Electronic Media & Film major. I knew that a career in film was what I want to ultimately do with my life, and I didn’t feasibly see myself being interested in anything else beyond that. However, now here I am in my second semester and I have decided that I want to double major with Mass Communication as well. There are a few reasons for this.

The first of many reasons and debatably the most important is the fact that I want my films (and photographs, even) to create an impact. What I love most about film is that it can be used in so many unique ways to help establish new ideologies, opinions, shed light on current issues that otherwise ultimately sit in the dark, and extract raw, unmistakable emotion from such large audiences. I believe that studying Mass Communication will help me clue in to how today’s media is shaping every day life, and then inevitably help me learn to do the same.

Day one in my Mass Comm 101 class and I was told to create this blog. Our professor told us that we didn’t actually have to post anything, but I figured that this would provide a great foundation for me to get my work out in the open and continue to expand on and create new professional relationships in my two hopeful fields.

I don’t want to start rambling too much, but I am very optimistic. I’ve never blogged or maintained a website for myself before, so you’ll have to stick with me – but I only see positive things to come.



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